Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well, my plants were finally delivered by UPS at 8:50pm on Friday night.  I had just sat down to dinner and BBC's "Barchester Chronicles" when the weary UPS man rang the bell.  I was so elated that I let dinner get a tad cold as I unboxed my booty.  I will have a post on my new arrivals asap.

I did not mention that yesterday I visited my friends at the Botanica Nursery on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.  I love this place.  For any city gardeners,  a great nursery with a decent selection and knowledgeable staff is hard to come by.  One which meets these requirements and is right in one's neighborhood is truly a gem and worth patronizing (as Botanica is).

I left with a few new acquisitions for Greene Garden - Anemone 'Prince Henry' x2, A. tomentosa 'Robustissima', Helleborus foetidus x 4,  Heuchera 'Blackout' x4, and Alchemilla mollis x 3.  These tided me over until the delivery from UPS.


  1. Hello Michael:
    It really is all go! And now with the UPS arrivals, you will not be short of something to be doing in the way of planting.

    All of the Japanese anemones are favourites of ours and we certainly grew A. 'Prince Henry'. In our white borders we favoured A. 'Honorine Jobert' but found, as you may, that they all take time to settle in and it is only in their second, or even third, year that they really establish themselves.

    Alchemilla mollis was, for us, an indespensable plant and always looks good teamed with almost anything. Chop back to NOTHING after flowering to prevent unwanted seeding and to be rewarded with fresh leaves and new flowers within ten days to a fortnight. But you probably know this anyway.

  2. Jane & Lance - you must have been reading my mind re A. mollis. I was discussing cutting back with a friend who thought that plants propagated only this year should probably be left alone and that I could start cutting back next year. I think that even the young plants could be cut back this August after flowering and before seeding. What are your thoughts?

  3. Hello Michael:
    Unless really tiny, in which case leave well alone until the autumn, we should chop back as you propose. If dry, and hot, keep watered after you have cut back until new growth appears.

  4. Hi Michael - thanks for reminding me about Botanica. I usually go to GRDN on Hoyt between Pacific and Atlantic (if you haven't been, it has some interesting plants from good growers on LI and is very pretty, with a gift store inside, though small).

  5. What an attractive place! I suppose one could call it a gardening emporium. I am always attracted to beautiful clay pots, and I notice Botanica Nursery has many.