Thursday, May 26, 2011

Down with UPS!

I arrived home to Greene Avenue last night to an email telling me that UPS was to deliver my plants today by the end of the day (whenever that is).  I waited ALL day at home for the delivery.  At around 7pm I decided that I needed some groceries and that UPS would not be delivering at all anyway.  I was gone for 10 minutes and when I returned, there was a "missed you" note left by UPS.  Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!  Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Hello Michael:
    This is SO infuriating. We understand exactly what you mean and how you feel.

    Something similar happens all the time with the Hungarian postal service. Whenever there is a package or parcel, they make no attempt to bring it but, instead, put a note in the letter box to say no-one was available to take delivery. Then it means a trip, 24 hours later, to the main Post Office to collect which can only be done on production of a variety of documents including passport and the equivalent of the deeds of the house!!

  2. Hello, Michael,

    I agree with the Hattatts. But, this is live!

    Have a nice weekend

  3. I understand your frustration dear Michael! I have cursed those three letters many times awaiting packages that never arrive...or do appear but completely damaged. Good thing those brown uniforms are so wandering fingers are crossed that your plants arrive safely today!

  4. Greetings Michael,

    I am trusting that by the time this comments is posted your plants have arrived and are secure with no shipping harm done them. I try to never rant on someone else’s blog but I to must admit that those 3 letters (UPS) have a sting for myself as others have already noted. I always thought the S stood for service or apparently I am still using some Jurassic Age definition of the word.

    On a lighter note I must compliment you on a very enjoyable blog reading. I have found your posting both insightful and entertaining. – G

  5. Jane & Lance - I am wistful for the days when the postal service delivered 3 times a day!

    Jerome - You are right, but life seems to get in the way of my plans way too often;-)

    W.E. - did you know that the brown uniforms are trademarked? And UPS is aggressive in protecting this, so watch out Brownies!

    Gary - thank you so much for visiting and your kind words. Keep coming back!