Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ramble 'n Seen

I love not having any agenda or "to do" lists on holidays.  These are from my morning walk around the island.  Enjoy!
I'm going to take some of this moss with me before I leave and see if I can get it to grow in the Greene Garden.

This mullein had the widest base I've ever seen in this plant.  About 2 feet is my guess.   Unless, of course, it's not mullein!

You will have to forgive the fencing.  The island is overrun by deer.

The pot plantings should fill in nicely by the time I return in June.


  1. Hello Michael:
    There are so many interesting elements in this island tour, but what has immediately caught our eyes are the two [stone?]containers fixed to the sides of the wooden walkway. Simple yet elegant, we could steal them.

    Plantings seem to be a wonderful mixture of ornamentals and vegetables, growing happily together with no jarring colours. And, yes, the Moss may travel well and would, as you say, make a welcome addition to the 'Greene' Garden'.

    Happy Holidays!!

  2. Jane and Lance - I agree about the stone containers. I considered re-visiting them under darkness of night, but they are a bit too heavy to under my jacket. I loved their simple but strong lines and they are far away my favorite on the island. Hope all is well! M