Friday, June 17, 2011

Espaliered Trees

I have always loved the regimented, orderly look of espaliered trees.  You can read all about the whys and wheres here.  In the meantime, these lovely examples might inspire you to a new Summertime project!


  1. Hi Michael

    Thank you for your kind comment about our garden. It is about twenty years ago yhat I began the garden in the form it has today.

    Kh Jørn

  2. Hello Michael.
    Very nice post on espaliered trees, I´m growing peach this way on our warm and sunny southern wall of the house. Peachtrees are borderline in Denmark if you want the fruit to ripen.
    All the lavenders are to be planted in a border, because this is the way that gives me the least maintainence and lavenders don't grow to large sizes in pots, I have tried that for many years, but I still grow some in pots but only for one year.

  3. Don't know the tree but I just love the twisting trunk and branches of the top photo.

  4. I haven't seen espaliered trees that are so mature. The fifth one down is astounding!

  5. Dear Michael,
    Thanks for your comment over at Spice of Life. Glad to have discovered your own blog this way -- my interest in gardening has really taken off ever since we started redoing our rooftop terrace. I'm still nowhere near satisfied, but I'm always finding new inspiration, e.g. at blogs like this one.
    Take care -- I'll be back soon surely.

  6. Saw an espaliered apple in the garden of the Red Fox Tavern in Middleburg VA last week. Fruit just ripening. Must have been quite a sight in spring. Wish I had a visible wall left in my little patch.

  7. Beautiful. I wish people who see this get encouraged to get more involved with Long Island tree care.

  8. I'm amazed with the twisting abilities of the tree. On the photo, the trunks of the espaliered trees created several artworks. The landscape behind that tree on the second photo also looks great.

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