Sunday, June 19, 2011

Greene Garden Update

Well, you win some, you lose some.  So far, I've lost the Mertensia virginica, two liatris and two Dicentra "Golden Heart".  They either didn't make it through the shipping process, or did not bother do take root and grow!  Oh well, there goes my love of watching plants grow up from root-balls!

I added some already well developed Delphiniums and Digitalis.    The Digitalis is finishing its bloom, but the Delphs are coming in just coming into bloom.  

A few of the younger Digitalis from WFF.

Dicentra 'Bleeding Heart' and Helleborus foetidus.  Notice the D. 'Golden Heart' in the back just hanging on for its life. (yes, WFF, this was purchased from your shop!
The climbing Hydrangea anamola petiolaris is finally "climbing"!
The back corners of the central bed are anchored with Skimmia.   
I love Stachys and planted two, which was all my plantsman had in his nursery.  I'm sure they will multiply fourfold next year.
Echinacea purpurea now taking the place of the liatris.
Russian sage.  Crossing my fingers that this will grow into a large specimen and fill up part of the area that was originally space for the Mertensia (which rotted and died) and the Anemones (which I moved next to the Stachys).
Begonia grandis.  Breathtaking green leaves with red veins.  I like this perennial variety very much.
Well, there you have the latest from Greene Garden.  It's still a very young garden and will take some time to settle out and into itself, but that process is all part of the fun.  Happy gardening!


  1. Looks like your garden going to be quite lovely! Delphiniums and foxgloves are amongst my absolute favourite plants. Too bad to have lost those few things....I always get so upset when something I'd been looking forward to in the garden, doesn't quite make it! But there's always something else to fill the space and please the eye.

  2. Michael, it's very exciting to see your garden taking shape! If I might make a suggestion, consider at each stage taking some photographs from the same reference points. I've done that with the front of my house, and it's a dramatic way to view change.

  3. Hello Michael,

    It's verry nice to see your garden taking shape!


  4. Hi Michael, it's interesting to see photos of your own garden, it's very nice. You have many beautiful plants that will transform your garden in a few weeks when they have grown larger.

    I thought that all plants survived in the gardens at your latitude, here where I live near the Arctic Circle are usually many plants give up every year.
    Do not give up because some plants died, now there is plenty of room to plant new seedlings.
    Have a great week.

  5. Michael you have chosen some of my favourite plants for your garden. Hope you have luck with your Perovskia (Russian Sage) which hasn't bulked up at all in my garden.

  6. Looks good, I am still trying to get mine together too. I am following now also, drop by if you can and follow if you like. I also like those espalier. Cool.
    Craig Ohio Outdoors