Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bee in My Bonnet

I am pleased to see lots of bees in my garden lately.  The community garden a block over from my home maintains three hives and the bees seem to cover quite a big area of the neighborhood.  Late afternoon finds my garden flowers laden with pollen heavy friends.  Bee-keeping has always been one of my dreams and hives are a fantastic addition to any garden.  Alas and alack, no room in my small-ish city garden.  Why bees?  Well, I notice a huge difference in the abundance of flowers and fruits and vegetables between gardens regularly visited by bees and those that are not. Have you noticed this as well?  It's all about the pollination, baby!

If you're interested in bee-keeping, read up on the basics of how-to here.

And who couldn't do with a few fabulous bee hives like these?

Finally, click here to learn how to attract more bees to your garden.


  1. Hi, Michael - I've never seen a Gothic beehive before, but that alone could get me started in beekeeping. I know that if one uses honey from one's own locale, the immune system will be stronger, so you are especilly lucky to have hives near you.

  2. I love bees and beehives. Someone close by has beehives and my garden reaps the benefits although they get all the honey...

  3. Excellent post Michael! I can strongly recommend beekeeping as a pastime, hopefully one day you will have the space for your own hives.