Sunday, August 7, 2011

Central Park Conservatory Garden

Friday night after work I went uptown to check out the Central Park Conservatory Garden.  I had never visited this gem of a site, and the visit was well worth the hike uptown.  I arrived about 30 minutes before closing time, so I only had a chance to peek at the central Italian garden and the English garden.  I'll leave the northernmost French garden for the next visit.

Here is the plan of the garden.
A few quick shots of the Italian Garden and entrance gate.

The English garden was looking well tended and the use of bold topiary, grasses, as well as diverse plants with myriad shaped and colored leaves, provided a beautiful mid-summer display.


  1. Interesting pictures from Central Park.
    Yes, I am very fond of evergreen trees and shrubs in my garden - especially in winter. The shrub you think is a Hemlock is really a Larix.
    Kh. Jørn

  2. Mike, Thanks for the tour. NIce that NYC has places like that to refresh the human spirit. Here on the shore of Lake Michigan, I am very lucky that the lake daily refreshes me. The gardens here are much more informal and flow as does the lake so it was nice to see a different approach to gardening. My priority these past two weeks has been posting the many day lilies I have hybridized. It has taken four years to get to this two week period where they are now first blooming. You might like a visit to this garden and of course the Lake! See you again soon. Jack

  3. Really lovely place and so surprising that it's there in Central Park. Nice that you have a place like that to visit.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. What a nice place to be able to visit after work everyday. And right inside the city! Lovely.

  5. I have never seen this part of New York before, what a wonderful part of Central Park. I understand if you're going to return there some other time. What a beautiful Water Lily (or Lotus).
    Have a nice day.

  6. As many times as I have visited Central Park, I have never seen this. I will need to find it on my next visit to NYC.

  7. Michael,
    My public gardening mentor, Lynden B. Miller, is responsible for the plantings there. She rehabilitated the derelict gardens back in the '80's. She has done a number of public designs in NYC including Wagner Park in Battery Park. It was her first effort and my favorite. Great post.

  8. This is stunning! I grew up in New York and considered Central Park my backyard -- where we played softball and ice skated and went to concerts and dumped people out of row boats. I rarely go home. It's altogether too Disneyfied: clean and safe and PC. Look what they've done to Broadway! Criminal. But you're tempting me....