Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing the Bramble and Bean Questionnaire!

Here at B&B, I am introducing a new feature called the "Bramble & Bean Questionnaire".  A bit like Proust's, but less Belle Epoque, if you get my drift.  It's a chance for the gardening blogosphere to get to know other garden bloggers (especially ones that I admire!).

First up from Washington D.C. is Stephanie at Mad Dabblings in a City Garden.  I've been an avid reader of her blog for some time now, so please check it out to discover more of her "dabblings"!

Shakira & Vinnie
1.       What is going on in your garden today?

                  Stephanie - It's raining, tra la, finally.   What a difference a few storms make.  The ginger,  the hibiscus, the plumeria, the gardenias... are dancing.

2.      What is your idea of a perfect garden?

                  My little greenhouse in February -- an enclosed second floor porch off my office, with my pair of feral parakeets (Vinnie is quite nasty) flitting through the tropical plants that are beginning to bloom.

3.      What is your greatest gardening achievement to date?

                  Figuring out that you can pinch back geraniums and stick the pinchings in a pot and they grow.   Oh, and a rubber plant branch did the same -- as did the schefflera...This might seem academic to some...

4.      What gardening fears keep you awake at night?

                  I am fearless.  Something dies, stick in a statue, an umbrella,  or scatter something glittery.

5.      Who are your gardening heroes?

                  Thomas Hobbes for his fabulous juxtaposition of colors and foliage. Henry Mitchell for his humor.  The Queen of Hearts for her way with flamingos.  Flamingos.

6.      If you could come back as a plant, which one would it be?

                  A wisteria. Such a lovely nuisance.  I would laugh at whoever tried to tame me.

7.      Favorite plant (tree, shrub, perennial, annual) and why?

                  Queen Ann's lace.  A weed, yes. Invasive, yes.  But a gorgeous complement to anything around  it.  I can't grow it (not enough sun), but I harvest it along roadsides and fill vases with it in summer. 

8.     Your must-have gardening tool?

                  My husband. Just yesterday he thwacked back the wisteria while I lay on the sofa eating potato chips and reading a hair-raising article about Michelle Bachman in the New Yorker. 

9.      Your favorite garden in the world and why?

                  I suppose, Marie Antoinette's garden, Trianon. Can one call this a garden? Saw it on an overcast day in January when my husband and daughter and I were the only visitors and it was beyond captivating. My opinion would probably change if it was July and the place was swarming with plaid people.
10.  What is the funniest, most ridiculous or bizarre piece of gardening advice you have been given?

                 Spray painting dead grass and plants -- actually most useful when it's too damn hot to plant anything new. Tacky? I actually got this tip from
a spokesperson for the National Park Service.

11.   What is your favorite piece of advice to give?

                  Stick flowers in those little watering holders and plunk them in bare spots.  Wire lilies to the dead stalks (trust me, you'll even fool yourself), and the aforesaid spray paint.

12.  What is your greatest gardening extravagance?

                  Citrus. I cannot resist them even if they perform pitifully.

13.  What do you most value in a garden (yours or others)?

                  Scent.   Roses and jasmine and mock orange and....

14.  What is your gardening motto?

                  If you ain't got it, fake it. 

Thanks Stephanie!!

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  1. Michael, I enjoyed reading this of Stephanie's. I will try and do this as long as I do not have to do it immediately. Still deeply involved with all the admin. regarding our recent house break in and car theft. Also have been away and have grandson coming to stay again next week.

    You do not say how I would go about getting this to you?