Friday, August 19, 2011

A Wattle, I Wot

I think gardeners are still the original DIYers.  There's something extremely satisfying in creating things from any old materials that one may have lying about.  Wattle is a wonderful example.  Easy to make, easy to use and, I think, beautiful to look at in the right garden setting.  There's a medieval and even Colonial Williamsburg feel that wattle brings to any garden and I'm happy to say that wattle is still widely popular as a garden structure.  The art of wattling is still very much alive, especially in England.

Wattle fences are typically built of 7 foot willow sticks known as "withies".  The withies are then woven into posts and built up as high as your posts allow.  If willow is not readily available to you, try other young, flexible branch materials (DIY, duh).
For the city gardener, wattle fences are an attractive way to cover up unsightly concrete walls, or to divide up space in a small garden without totally making it look like a rabbit hutch.  For suburban and country gardeners, wattle is a wonderful way to provide path direction, protection to delicate beds against your dogs or children (both known to be evil menaces in the garden) and as support for tall leggy flowers or plants.  

What ho Wattle!


  1. I hadn't heard of the name before but I like it. Very different.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. It could also be a great way to make use of trimmmings from a big pruning job, or not.

  3. Did not know this was called wattling but it is fairly popular, particularly in the country.

  4. I hope that Hurricane Irene did not cause any damage as it passes your area. The storm we had here at the beginning of the summer is nothing compared to this. Thinking of you this weekend / Hans