Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gardner Museum Courtyard Garden

Continuing on the theme of conservatory or indoor garden visiting in the winter, you should make it a point to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum next you find yourself in Boston.  It contains one of the most wonderful courtyard gardens in the Northeast.  As a young lawyer in Beantown, my first apartment was situated directly behind the museum and I quickly became a member just to attend events held in and around the courtyard.  On rainy or extremely frigid weekends (of which there are many in New England), I would stop by the museum and simply perch myself on a bench surrounding the courtyard and read or just observe other museum goers.  The plants in the Venetian style courtyard are fairly static and rarely do they change, but the pots of flowers inaugurating each new season are a wonder to behold.  If you have the chance, attend an evening event at the museum because the candle lit rooms and courtyard are truly magical.
Isabella Stewart Gardner 1888


  1. wonderful garden! i really love the look!

  2. Those are some beautiful photos and gardens. One that would be well worth visiting. Those plants in the third photo are really neat looking.

    Hope your weather is good Michael. We are finally suppose to get hit Thursday late afternoon. It's been easy so far and I think we kept hoping we were going to skate through this winter. :)

  3. What a beautiful space! I particularly like the effect of those very long-hanging vines in the second photo ...

  4. Beautiful courtyard gardens. Quiet and calm I imagine.

  5. Michael, Thanks for the heads up! I've just added this place to my 'bucket list.'

  6. I would love to attend an evening event at the museum to experience the candle lit rooms and courtyard and find out if it is truly magical.

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