Thursday, February 16, 2012

Does This Garden Make My Butt Look Big?

Apparently, one of the big style trends for Spring 2012 are floral and botanical prints (duh!).  Designers from New York to Paris featured floral prints for both men and women. I'm not a print person myself, but anyone swathed in a profusion of daisies and other flora really brightens my day.  I guess if you can't take your garden with you, wear it!


  1. Oh Michael, I really couldn't wear any of that. :) I realize the runways tend to show what the average person would not wear but...

    On another note, if you look at Heather, make sure to go to Heaths and Heathers online and it will list the ones you can have based on your zone and your soil ph. I could only have a few species types. Love mine though. Have a nice weekend.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. What a nice jacket. But when would it be time to wear clothes like that here in nothern Sweden?
    The people around me would maybe think that I'm from NY...
    Have a nice day / Hans

  3. Hi Michael.
    Interessting how nature inspires artist and designers.
    We´ve had a great winter this year, almost no frost until the middle of january, then the Siberian winter came with -23 in some parts of Denmark, which was the coldest we´ve had for more than 26 years, and snow as well. Today it´s sunny and warm 4 degress celcius and the snow has left us again.
    Now I think we are all looking much forward to sping, but it will properly be another month of waiting.

  4. Hi, Michael - I think the young man with the shorts and knee socks risks getting beaten up in certain neighborhoods, but I have to say that the floral shoes — particularly the tapestry-like one in the foreground — are pretty neat!

  5. Now, that's a lot of look! Takes a tremendous amount of personality to leave the house in those ensembles!

  6. Michael,
    Well you have cleared up the question I had as to why my niece (20-ish) has been raiding my mothers (70-ish) closet. The “Age Of Flower Power” has returned. And like yourself I don’t wear prints much less a floral but then again I have worn worse in the name of fashion, can you say mauve organza ??? lol. – gary

  7. I have a award for you in my blog. I hope you will accept this award.
    Have a nice day. / Hans

  8. re: Last photo - Pants look great and if he's wearing them they'd look even better on my bedroom floor! ;) ;) ;)