Monday, February 27, 2012

NYT Article: Much to Savor, and Worry About, Amid Mild Winter's Early Blooms

Interesting article on the New York Times website about the mild winter NYC is experiencing and the effects on local gardens.  Read the article here.  The following photos are from the article.  What's going on in your area?


  1. Hi Michael.
    How nice that spring has arrieved in NYC, today has been the first spring day according to the calender, and really is was, 15 degrees Celcius and sunny with a deep blue sky, wonderful. Thanks for being so understanding and I will proudly accept your very kind award.

  2. Beautiful and mild here in the East of England - but we're often lured into this and then hit with a late frost at the end of March - so who knows!

  3. I'm rather impatiently waiting for my Viburnum to open its coppery pink buds to see the second photo only adds to my fidgetting.
    Its been quite balmy balmy here this week but the temps are set to dip again which hopefully won't bite all the fresh green premature growth.

  4. Here in Florida, we've had virtually no winter and (a big change for Florida) very little humidity. We are being warned that this summer might break heat records and that we'll see a lot more bugs. Interestingly, my house is covered with large gray spiders (dozens of them), which I've never seen around before.